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Three Advantages

1.Latest High Quality Medical Treatment Fused with History and Achievements.

Jujin Hospital has been studying cosmetic surgery and aesthetic surgery even before WWII and was established by Dr. Fumihiko Umezawa, a pioneer of cosmetic surgery in Japan.
We have a history and record of more than 70 years. We use techniques cultivated and passed down over the years we have been in practice.
Now, we have skilled doctors with much experience in difficult surgeries of face and bone. We also have doctors who are skilled in using latest equipment and are familiar with the details of skincare.
We offer answers to a wide range of need and requests of all our patients, from professional cosmetic surgical operations to non-incisional treatments.

2.Working with World-Renowned Doctor

Since the first director, Jujin Hospital has been engaging in international activities, making Jujin Hospital one of the most prestigious hospitals in Japan to be recommended overseas. There are some patients from overseas requesting for the director through the introduction of other patients who had been treated at Jujin Hospital. To offer our skills in an international scale, we are in partnership with an interpreting company to accommodate patients from overseas and contribute internationally.

3.Accessible Location

Our hospital is currently located on a bustling street of Ginza. The former building used to be in Shinbashi. However, there are patients who still come to our hospital from that time. The current place is also easy to access by trains.
To respond to the need of some patients who wish to have treatment during their vacation, we are open during long vacations such as summer vacation and new year’s holiday. We will endeavor to adjust our business hours for our patient’s convenience. Please feel free to contact us if you have any special circumstances.

Introduction of the director

Dr. Narumi (Eiji Narumi)

Jujin Hospital- Pioneering Cosmetic Surgery since 1938

I have been working for 9 years in Jujin Hospital. Since the former director Fumihiko Umezawa M.D. passed away, I was inaugurated as the director in 2017. I am doing my utmost not to defame Jujin Hospital which has a well-established history and tradition.
Jujin Hospital has established The Japan Society of Aesthetic Surgery and leading Japanese cosmetic surgery, pioneering cosmetic surgery since 1938.
We offer the best treatment to our patients by employing the latest medical treatments such as Laser therapy, Thread lift, Hyaluronic acid, Botox and Vitamin injection, as well as typical operations.

The Reason I Became a Cosmetic Surgeon

During I was a plastic surgeon, I treated face injuries, bone fractures, tumors and bruising. At that time, I noticed that the formation appearance of the face greatly influences a person’s confidence, way of life and personality. Therefore, I started to practice cosmetic surgery.


  • Official Member of the Japanese Society of Aesthetic Surgeons


1983 Graduated from the University of Hokkaido, Faculty of Medicine.
1993 - 1996 Worked at Kanagawa Cosmetic Surgery Clinic.
1996 - 2008 Worked at Narumi Cosmetic Surgery Clinic.
2008 -  Work at Jujin Cosmetic Surgery.
The Reason I Became a Cosmetic Surgeon

During I was a plastic surgeon, I treated face injuries, bone fractures, tumors and bruising. At that time, I noticed that the formation appearance of the face greatly influences a person’s confidence, way of life and personality. Therefore, I started to practice cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Ebara(Makiko Ebara)

  • Anesthesiologist
  • Member of the Japanese Society of Aesthetic Surgery
  • Member of the Japanese Society of Aesthetic Dermatology
  • Member of the Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine
1995 Graduated from the University of Nihon, Faculty of Medicine.
2000 - 2007 Worked at Komuro Cosmetic Surgery Clinic.
2002 - 2004 Worked at Kanagawa Hospital.
Part-time work
2005 - 2010 Worked at Ichikawa Hospital.
Part-time work
2007 - 2011 Worked at Verite Clinic. 
Part-time work
2007 - Work at Shiromoto Clinic. 
Part-time work
2008- Work at Jujin Cosmetic Surgery. 
Part-time work
The Reason I Became a Cosmetic Surgeon

I was interested in the human eye since the time I was aiming to be a doctor and entered the field of ophthalmology.
I assisted in the treatment of cataract, glaucoma, strabismus and retinal detachment, as well as examining patients with myopia, presbyopia and external injury. As I daily interacted with patients, I noticed some also had cosmetic concerns such as sagging eyelids and double eyelid aside from ophthalmic treatments. Therefore, I began to be interested in the field of cosmetic surgery.
For example, thyroid tumors or Graves’ disease may cause swelling of the eyes.
Even if there is swelling of the eyes and there are no other symptoms, and if the hormone level stabilizes by medical treatment, the treatment will be finished at that stage. However, in many cases, eye swelling is not resolved and remains, leaving the patient much concerned. Cosmetic surgery is the answer to solving such concerns.
Utilizing the experience and knowledge I gained as an ophthalmologist, I stepped into the field of cosmetic surgery because I wanted to be a doctor who can solve patient’s troubles and enhance patient’s health in both body and mind.


Clinic Introduction

Hospital name Jujin Cosmetic Surgery
location Tenkuni building 5F 8-9-11 Ginza Chuou-ku Tokyo 〒104-0061
TEL/FAX 03-3571-2111
・Nearest station
・Access information
・Tokyo Metro Ginza Line "Ginza Station" a 5-minute walk from A3 Exit
・Tokyo Metro Ginza Line and Toei Subway Ginza Line "Shinbashi Station" a 3-minute walk from 1st Exit
・JR Line "Shinbashi Station" a 7-minute walk from Ginza Exit
・New Transit Yurikamome Line "Shinbashi Station" a 4-minute walk from 1C Exit


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SUN:Irregular Holidays